do not stop
the flight of tears
the other is wise

a letter not to keep
not to weep…
pleas of
a song, a poem,
& a riddle
in eight parts.

a tree laden with
the weight
over-due words

yearning for contact
an itch for a scratch
days gone, memories stillborn
the other is still warm,
this other is,
stiff cold!

it was a beautiful dance!
though they exist in mutual entrapment,
freedom is unjust,
here in perpetual secrecy of marred intimacy….

(ask not what is meant, ask instead)

ifs presence is lifes motifs incomplete
whence should they stop
to know true and feel through the black, then,
the other would too hold the others back to the other black,
the others others…

my dear sweet stole waters
the story goes
no further

filthy, faulty thoughts.
father forgive us;


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