freedom fighters

you live by the gun
you die by the gun
Kimaathi killed
Ernesto killed

you have to want
to see
to even get a glimpse

its the temples
the merchant class
that struck back
in unison spoke
surely as money talks
its nothing personal.
-crucify him!

and i take things
i take lies personal
i take insults personal

teach the children the truth

and i would talk of love
and i would talk of ‘this girl’
and ….

whats that
got to do with love ?

images ;

of Che Guevara on bikinis
and bras and minis
Jesus Christ on tattoos
and rap video backrooms

what you resist persists…?

coz he’s such an earner
churches cant let him down
the cross they nailed him on
just as Waciuri Kimaathi’s bones
loss behind Kamiti walls.

on the third day
he rose again yet.
they hired body guards
to thwart his kidnapping.

this is sweet !

they hacked off
Che Guevara arms
and had them preserved
for finger prints

this is sick !

thirsty for blood
the perfect
killing machine
they quoted this as
the Marxist terrorist.

are you ready
to drink
from my cup of suffering

i am the beginning.
i am the end.

there is no end


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