III. girl friend

there is never
an ideal
better just get
right in.

i don’t know.
am there between
liking and
liking very much

love is
inspired guesswork

maybe it will work

care for some try-outs
maybe we could go out

it gets dark
walk under his wing
it gets cold
know what i mean ?

-maybe not.

i feel so safe with you
i could tell you everything

you make me want to be
a better person

ti ! hi ! hi ! hi !

ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ?

ha? ha?

-get my drift.

So she is
or was
my girl
the length
of the
‘She is’

(few episodes back).

you know her
off Austin Bukenya’s
‘ i met a thief ‘

same girl..

that is why ; ‘i wish’

i froze the moment
after those fateful
with a kiss.

* am so special, yes ?*


2 thoughts on “III. girl friend

  1. surely msanii if you can serialise a poem about the same girl…just tell her already
    …do …dont be…act it out in person in deed..not word ..or mind

    1. this was for a different girl. she asked if i had a girlfriend and if so she wanted to know who she was… u must be talking of the “she is” series…

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