the artist’s young wife

the one am unavailable for

the one that kisses my feet
and weeps for me
my very own Mary Magdalene !

somehow understands me

i don’t want you to
understand me !

i want you to know me.
we cant have intelligent conversation
with the one with
stars in her eyes

i can afford my melancholy
for she covers beautifully
for me

she’s not in my hair
she’s in my art
the one i paint a beautiful picture of
– (she’s in my air)

sunshine to my rain

my ‘no disturb’ sign
when i need to be alone
lets run away, train
the one i’ll wreck again

she forgives and
as my remorse sets in
a new creation i breathe
on d’evils, the uninvited, visit
she’s part exorcist

the artist’s young wife…

she believes.

for Lucy Achieng


2 thoughts on “the artist’s young wife

  1. good work…absolutely my opinion..(ahem)..the best of your work i`ve come thoooooo proud of you
    your very own mary magdalene…niiice…that is quite an analogy
    ( its not dark except for the exorcist part and phew there was no death or suicide..or a heavy leaning towards being bereft.Your leaning on white…theres hope)

    To Mary Magdalene
    Esteemed art thou for he esteems you,
    a double portion of joy for he shall need it instilled
    ..caution for behind that stillness lurks bridled fear
    …for perfume on his feet he`l need time and time again….
    a public yet intimate show

  2. am leaning on white because she gives me a cause to live for. she gives me peace and in our moments together i am free of the ‘daemons’. she exorcises.

    lovely letter to mary magdalene. this also calls on you to research more on what part she played in history. imagined and / or real relationship to jesus christ.

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