the girl

you have engulfed my mind
and at this moment i
enjoy it refusing to come
from it. its almost comforting,

am not too sure of you
like you of me are now!
i am lost in reveries of has beens
and wishes of might be.

missing you ?
i don’t know
wanting you ?

hopes of happiness
and finding peace
may be in death.
but as i wait,
can i wait with you ?

the best things are free ?
but i want to pay!

what do you want ?
what do you need?
whatsoever in my power
shall i give ?

can i ask you to dance;
shut your eyes move closer

what do i feel ?
i feel cold,
i feel nothing
can i feel you ?

could we fill each others emptiness ?
light my darkness just enough
to last a lifetime
yet not entirely exorcise
my black heart.
on this leave a mark
and may my flashes of memory
capture you

how long,
are you willing to stay
how much more,
will i make you pay

am sleepy and heavy with thought



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