The gray cat

This is a confession. Long time since I last I read the bible but thank god for Google. I must have broke a few of the Ten Commandments handed to Moses at Mount Sinai. The gray cat.

Thou shalt not covet. I’ve got to rush for a bible. It’s coated in dust. This should not be construed as negligence but rather as reverence for the holy word of god. I know the commandments are around genesis and the book after. I think it must be in exodus. Wow! Just turned the pages and landed on the aforementioned Ten Commandments Exodus chapter 20 (for the benefit of all ye ‘antichrist’!). Ok, I think I must have underestimated the number of commandments I went against. I thought that since it was only a cat and the only animal I remember mentioned was an ass; I was absolved of my lust. Apparently there is this,’’…or anything that belongs to your neighbour’’. Shoot!

A beautiful creature; he is the most perfect shade of gray and it was lust at first sight . A strong desire to possess overwhelmed me when we locked eyes and I know he felt it too or I’d want to believe so. Only he belonged to someone else and ‘’ I wanna take you far away’’ was my heart wrenching song. It’s in his walk and poses. A backward glances and poise as if to say,’’ You can’t get me!’’. It kills me inside.

You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor. I had intentions to commit grievous reputational harm on the character of my rival; ‘’what does she do with so many cats on her compound? She must be a witch, don’t you think so too? ‘’. It must be the jealousy. She bangs together cutlery and the cats go running to her. I reserve some special loathing for the dark as night cat. She hates me and I can tell from the way she leers at me. I still can’t believe this is ‘false testimony’ clause was in there.

Thou shall not steal. Every time I pass by my neighbour’s house I have to fight temptations like am Beyonce Knowles.

That takes me to ‘thou shall not kill’. In the Old Testament it was an eye for an eye what happened? I die every time he responds to his mistress’ call nullifying all my coercive efforts. Thou shall not call on my name in vain. I think that has swearing in its parentheses.

This is what you would call a filler episode. Recently he came by my way only I did not know what to do. It crushed my heart when he did not recognize me. I think he pretended not to. I was at ‘Mami’s’ house taking my lunch outdoors under the full glare of an assortment of innerwear and bras. You pervert! It is a quiet spot away from disturbance…

Guess who checks in. busily he sifts through yester night’s leftovers and I remember we had fish, also my favourite dish. Why? What? To stoop to such levels! When I could treat you better than that…

A thought crosses my mind,’’ cats are free spirits!’’. Yea, and also conceited at that! Cats have nine lives and I will survive. He falls from his exalted position as an object of desire and ‘undying love’. To think I was once ready to give my all…

In the end it turns out it was not about the gray cat.

It was all about her…


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