The Repo Men

I want to take you some place. I want to tell you a story. My story. I hope you’ve watched the movie I have named this piece after.

*So what is it am writing… this is a cautionary tale. I hope you are going to learn from my mistakes. Because in the end a job is just not a job; it’s who you are! If you want to change who you are first, you have to change your job

A job is a job, right?

Pardon my idealistic mind and forgive my unwillingness to wake up to face reality. Do not be too choosy. Meaning a beggar has no choice. I’ve been resisting that implied notion trying to live up to “I am the captain of my soul!” – Sweet dreams my dear friend.

There is no way out of the system (Babylon is a vampire!). If you can’t beat them join them? One thing I can take from the 8-4-4 system is… nothing! I am all the same proud of myself looking back. I’ve been in the system but the system hasn’t grown in me. It sounds like so in Swahili: nimekua kwa system system haijakua kwangu. Prior to my graduation day I had engaged my father in a battle of wills to wear suit versus not to wear a suit to my graduation. Of course he won. I thought I would ‘do it my way’ but we know ‘man is born free but chains all around’! Lessons I had hoped to teach were lost in translation. You are not allowed to be different! Take note of the word ‘allowed’.


My Uncle Babi once tried to get me into the mould by telling me that I had to up my acting skills “the world is a stage and everybody’s an actor! Sadly for me; I am not one to compromise and it costs me my peace and energy trying to explain myself.

I am in the process of fashioning my Curriculum Vitae and ‘upgrade’ my image in anticipation of a corporate world call up. Problem with me acting is it actually gets me sick and tired and I mean the real sick and tired! My cousin Mato ‘druid the XLR’ (I don’t know what name he uses now a days) says am a free spirit, I guess it’s true. As I line up to be sucked into the machinery of the system and start hollering ‘ we are a part of the ship’ like its Pirates of the Caribbean and advising ‘young turks’ not to rock the boat, I get a brief reprieve.

Trent Humm

I’ve got to thank Trent Humm for ‘the Simple Dollar’ where he sought to differentiate a job, a vocation, and a career. It gave me a life line and the future isn’t as grim as it made itself out to be. What do I value most? What are my career mission statements and visions? Just (inner) peace and quiet! And I don’t think I’ve ever taken time to evaluate myself along those lines.

He says a job is a situation you find yourself in that you are paid in exchange for your labour. A career is a sequence of jobs in a particular field with an opportunity for promotions within that field. A vocation is what one was born to do; where you are most able to change the world around you. It is the point where your skills, talents, and interests intersect. Wrap your head around it.

Do I have dreams, ambitions, passion… what about; “he who does not work does not deserve to eat”?

As Bob Marley asked, “will you let the system make you kill your brother man?”

A job is a job right? There is no way out of the system…


For Luke ‘Lux’ Omondi

Called me as I put down this piece

*taken from The Repo Men movie


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