Legalize it

Isn’t affirmative action patronizing?

We are always fighting for something or against something; it’s why I was told a child is born with its hands in a fist of fury. It screams at times for attention and in that respect I won’t be ignored. Yes, Monday, I am a rebel. I intend to pass with my hand balled into a fist .not in surrender as am told is the greatest demonstration of power. I may give in but never, never, never give up! I shall sing as long as I live

Rules, laws, conditions

Don’t say you force me into something for my own good as the only valid justification and then my questions fall on deaf power. Call it your moral authority or a fulfillment of my duty and obligation to a greater power than yourself; orders from above. And they say we are a permissive society!

When I say, “legalize it!” does that make me a rebel without a cause? Well, let’s have some weed and get high. Legalize prostitution too as I muster as much courage as I can to pronounce man and man as husband and wife. Phew!

*Richard Holloway talks of …”the arbitrariness of government to choose from all plants which it will license for recreational use and which ones it will ban” in his book ‘looking in the distance’. He compares the effects of the extracts of the tobacco plant and marijuana plant; where smoking the ‘herb’ impairs mental judgment cigarettes kill. Statistics supporting the claim that prescription drugs have claimed more lives exponentially compared to heroin and cocaine, quoting Governor Gary Johnson of New Mexico.

But what do I know?

I know that I shall have no part in the pro-life versus pro-choice debate taking the cue from my 1st year Principles of Philosophy lecturer. I know that you won’t legislate against masturbation so abort all you want. I don’t mean this as a license. Besides I have bad experiences with abortion but I’ll tell only of my earliest encounter. It was as a child about nine years of age I have this image of dogs tearing a package of a ‘juala ya five bob’ thrown into a ditch right in front of the Mosque. The Mosque is directly opposite the Jehovah Witness Kingdom Hall that we shared a fence with. The ‘juala’ had remains of a child/ baby/foetus/I don’t care what name you give, that the dogs were now feasting on. That was Nairobi’s Eastleigh Section 3

Everything in moderation; even excessive eating is dangerous to your health .Hello, Ministry of Health warning? Hello, Church? Try and take this in; not everything the church says is bad (read Sin), should automatically be transmuted to ‘breaking the law’ (read crime).and this is an expounding upon Richard Holloway’s statement,” Sin is not crime”. There is also a reason for the separation of the Church and the State. Take a little time machine ride into the era of the Roman Catholic Church’s absolutism.

Now that reminds me. My former student says I swing between extremes like right now am being nearly atheist by asking what’s wrong with Devil worship? If it can’t be proven beyond the shadow of hearsay and suspicions borne of healthy imaginations that its adherents are a danger to themselves, to the state and to others then make it legit! My heart beat just kicked up. So have I overdone it? I doubt. Christians speak of freewill, don’t they? Choose today whom you will serve – and uhhm! …Mr. Moses no molten ‘Gold Calf’ drinks on the rocks!


For Richard Hollaway


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