Daddy (dont touch me there)

Daddy don’t touch me there!

You think am a play thing? Any time you want you think you can have me? You abuse me… you use me, you think am a tool, you turned me into an object, a toy

I laugh and hide behind the boisterousness of my voice. It’s true, it’s bitter and what kind of man are you to ignore that voice. The haunting eyes. Daddy don’t touch me there!

You shall burn in hell and if not, the steaming hot broth that will sear through your face will make you believe. Manslaughter or murder if I am guilty I will pay! This is why structured religion sets out to beseech purity of heart and of thoughts. Sexual impropriety

Yesterday I watched ‘Skin Deep’. It’s about plastic surgery. It is a ghastly process and on this day the patients were having their boobs did. I was surprised to see a young woman aged 25 lining up for the table. Her reason? She’s a promotional model convinced that to get jobs she had to literally pump up her breasts; it’s what society expects! To this assertion my sister Ann B cuts in, “society gani?”Good question girl

I am traumatized, horrified, electrified, deep fried… you get the idea and with all the cleavage brandishing ‘manzi wa Nairobi’! – Macho hayana pazia! The female anatomy is a political statement as well as a work of art (I should be a connoisseur). It is the creation story and the pursuit for happiness and the promise of perfection. It is clothed in vanity

How a woman dresses should not be a good enough reason/excuse for perpetrators of rape. A jury in ‘You be the Judge’ was justifiably passionate about the subject. So how many sides does a coin have?

I have to change, we have to change… girls also just want to have fun. It is an inalienable right ; the freedom of expression. No one has denied men the freedom to push the borders of indecent exposure so why can’t women attend games topless? In exercising our freedoms…

Respect! I pray you can keep up with the concerted efforts to distract you: flashing lights, flashing thighs, flashing smiles – Self control! Easy, isn’t it?


Ever heard the spoken word “Black woman smile”? The artiste says it’s the hardest feat to accomplish. It’s a beautiful piece. I think it’s hard being a woman:”no man alive has witnessed struggles I survive” “baby dont cry”…”but keep your head up”. How do you like me now? Tupac there

All they ask for is a little security: emotional, physical and, financial. How do the good-for-nothing-men react? They complain, whine, sing about it, and write novels and movie scripts!

Get a grip on yourselves!

Come to think of it; maybe the female folk want to be compensated (A hardship allowance of sorts!). ‘It’s a man’s world!’ and God being ‘Our father’ makes him masculine and what’s that ‘made in the image of God’ statement. What am I saying!?

Daddy don’t touch me there!



For Queen Ifrica

Album -Montego Bay

Track – Daddy


Big up


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