A Faint Heart…

When we speak of she’s out of my league. What is meant by that? Let’s take a look at this phrase. Consider also Kanye West’s ‘‘it’s either am chasing paper or am getting laid/ when am chasing one the other is getting away’’ and we can’t serve two masters. And is getting laid a master?

To a young man making his way in the world it is woeful that life begins at forty for the energy of youth is spent on sex and its derivatives: dressing up, going out, partying and all that is puppy love. I would include peer pressure but it stays with us till death do us part. Smile for me.

Matatu stickers scream out to its passengers ’’ you can lose money chasing women but can’t lose women chasing money’’. Then you wonder why ‘’ behind every successful man is a woman (and ‘the other woman’)”. Accept my thousand and one apologies and help me celebrate ‘the independent woman’. You ask her what she is independent from and mostly probably you’ll hear,”men!” Immediately it will be followed by,” why are men so intimidated by a woman who stands on her own?” a rhetoric question… “men and their egos!”

I am not asking whether romance is dead; without finance. Growing up in Eastlands I had my fair share of ‘candle lit’ dinners; am not asking how much a ‘romantic’ (key word) candle lit dinner at say the Masai Mara costs. I understand the feminine kind are emotional creatures and you only have to ‘‘show effort’’ and ‘‘it’s the thought that counts’’. Tsk! Tsk!

I need a good place to raise children and I also want the best for my seed. A better childhood than I had. It’s all in my dream.  Of course I don’t want my daughter exposing her back to the world for lack of clothing; that can wait its proper adolescent time. A little cerelac here and a little cereal there avoids the embarrassment of asking their peers,” Macaroni ni nini?”

Now am lost. What was I saying?

“Where are all the good men?” – “the good men are all married!” Maybe this is chauvinistic but ‘’a good woman who can find’’ – “a good wife is a gift from God!” and how often do you receive gifts? If you are in the fortunate position of being called boyfriend I presume it takes you somewhere in your relationship. Lets not talk of love, its an exchange (‘emotional transactions’ as Ayus says)! Instead try: buying and selling, Options and commodities. Investments! Say it out loud. Long term, middle term and the long term

Nothing personal, just business! Haven’t you witnessed the survival for the fittest in play? Play hard or go home! In the mating dance, a faint heart never won a fair lady except it has nothing to do with heart. In every girl’s fairy tale imagination she is a princess

If I were a girl faced with the choice of spending my days and late nights in and around town chasing public transport; trekking to Muthurwa in high heels (totally unnecessary), with a purse the size of Gikomba ‘camera’ bundles or jet setting and being chauffeured to duty free shops at Dubai I know what I would opt for. Its not high maintenance, I also get tired of ‘sukuma wiki’ in every sense of the word. There are fifty two weeks in a sober year. Let me not mention cabbages for Ann B’s sake

Don’t hate the player hate the game (if you must) but life, the game, waits for no man; I offer no advise but what’s real is this; a man’s got to do what a mans got to do.



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