The Money

I want to wake up to the smell of fresh bank notes. Money never sleeps. There is a simile in my mother tongue “ber ka pesa”- as beautiful as money

“ber ka pesa”

The faces of former presidents Jommo Kenyatta or Daniel Moi even look handsome and I wouldn’t mind Benjamin Franklin. Am writing this under conditions of hunger courtesy of a missed lunch; I had just stepped out to upload “Faint heart” forgetting that Mami’s house is a war zone. At feeding time “every man for himself and God for us all!”  shall apply. A hungry man is an angry man. Nursing my ‘wounds’ with a tumbler of water; my cuzo  Pably Dong adding insult to the injury says, “ mwiba wa kujitakia…” but anyway I set out on a different mission

“If nobody loves me/ me love money/ money loves me!” …

Simple tastes I have like waiting upon the day I will ‘blunt’ out thoughts of money “screaming from the sunroof/” money aint a thing! “Not letting it get to my head. The ocean as my front yard; the best things in life are free but not a yatch with a helipad and neither is a private jet. Free primary school education is also not free! Maybe to the concerned parties it is not one of life’s best things, or is it?

The worthlessness of wealth without women

this you cant ever run away from ever since kindergaten’s “God made man, man made money, and money made man mad!” what did God tell Eve as Adam snored away in deep slumber? Some things we shall never know. ‘We’, Adam, were cursed to toil and from our sweat we ate until dust returns to dust. Everything is useless (vanity of vanities) and money is the answer to everything! We chase after the wind like a dog chases after its tail

“sitaki mob/nataka bob/ sitaki job/ nataka studio/ kubonga na God”

After this I will write my CV and like a responsible adult get a job and stop depending on my parents. Its time I grew up and faced the taxes and bills like a man, starting with repaying my Higher Education Loans Board debt.

From the Backstreets to the Wall Street

I never understood why I was fascinated by bank robbers, Mobsters and most recently the G4S franchised heists. In my past life I must have been a gangster judging from my “suspicious character” look, walk and talk (I don’t know ask the police!). I never cheer the police characters in the movies. I have always loved the smart sleek seriously outnumbered bad guy. We all know how the script ends

Crime pays

I am not encouraging crime but what do you know of the first million made? What do you know of Kamlesh Pattni and Hilton? Hard work pays and crime pays and persistence pays… pray harder! You know what the apostle Paul says of ‘’faith without works’’

First things first… Currriculum Vitae and Cover letters


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