Curriculum Vitae

First things first, Curriculum Vitae and Cover letter; It must be my aversion to everything to do with auditions. Why it took me close to ‘two years’ to write my CV. The very word application letter irks me. It goes against my “don’t beg don’t borrow don’t steal” mantra. I am weighing the latter in light of new evidence brought to my attention that beside the point. It’s the feeling of judgment and “kupimwa wazimu” that ticks me off

As I took a weeks break of self analysis and sought to find the subconscious reasons as to my actions. Kericho was so quiet and peaceful but still I had to answer for my ‘’lack of aggressiveness”. My heart my mind my body my soul feels nothing for the so called “education is the key”. I gave them their graduation but they still won’t let me be. Life is one long maximum security prison sentence and even death is no escape. The white mans religion made sure of that

Effectively I have never lived and I have never been as alive as before a mature audience. I read an excerpt of Jay- z’s “decoded” and a feeling of emptiness overwhelmed me. I am as “Numb” as Linkin Park; tell that to my Uncle Tom who once referred to me as an “I-don’t-care” and my father who has always sought to fit me in. Today morning as I returned the academic dress to the university I met a friend to my Aunt Monica who asked why I had not already embarked on ‘tarmarcking’ a.k.a job hunting and “you are comfortable (with yourself)?”

You would then advise me to just bear get money from the job and/or career to fund my vocation in pursuit of my dream. Am living in a bad dream trapped and lost! If the salary is a drug I doubly hope its strong enough to stop my day dreams and dangerous “hallucinations”. The employer will ask me what value I will add to their organization among other silly interview questions and I will do my best to answer satisfactorily.  Honesty is a virtue and “why do I want the job?” will be met by “it’s the money (stupid)!”… Or maybe not

Don’t worry yourself dear cousin I have finally completed the CV much as I despise employment I shall drop it in various offices. Yes, my rebellious spirit shall be crushed lest my blessings be flushed. Doesn’t that sound like a promise a threat and paternal blackmail? But hush I didn’t say that.

When you are asked to introduce yourself the name alone shall not suffice a caption/ a title/ what you do is waited upon. This must be in solidarity with action speaks louder than words. I guess what you do is who you are as was highlighted in “Repo Man” and I wonder why…

-Father forgive me for I have sinned-

I think “salary”. It rhymes “slavery”. I do “rebel”


Theme music by Mavado & Di genius- Can’t take wi life



2 thoughts on “Curriculum Vitae

  1. maybe its fear. i know what i want but how to get it… how badly do i want it. i must win. its in the fable of the “tortoise and the crocodile”

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