tortoise and the dragon

this is in line with my predicament. you can gain the whole world but lose your soul. like in the movie scarface that enjoys cult status in pop culture; Tony Montana was once asked what more he wanted after all his success,” the world and everythimg in it”. there is a way in which what you own ends up owning you and you take the form of what you are constantly at war with. once upon a time at a video shoot i had the opportunity to listen to an old rastafarian man. you could see it even in his posture a reflection of Haile selassie I.

he told the story of a forest that was once attacked by a fierce dragon. am not sure if it was seven headed but the fable goes on. the animals of the forest were terrified out of their wits as to whom they would send to face the terrible monster. the big five held a crisis meeting and decided to anoint as king the one that would be able to overcome the monster. the congregation maintained its silence. then the tortoise walked up and accepted the challenge. there is a thin line between courage and stupidity i’ve heard it said. the lion roared in laughter at the tortoise sending the rest of the animals gathered into fits of hysteria at the tortoise’s daring. the tortoise stood unmoved and there was silence and murmuring. “how are you going to bring down the dragon that has defeated even the great elephant and its tusks and i and my fangs and claws?”. “all i want is a very sharp blade”, the tortoise said. ” No, i’ll even give you two blades!” as the elephant trumpeted,”this is madness! you have lived too long and you are tired of waiting for death”. “dont you know even if you cut down one head it will still grow back?”

when the tortoise was amply armed and not nearly dangerous enough, the crowd escorted the tortoise to the edge of the forest now taken over by the fierce dragon. crowds shall remain but its your move that counts and what you believe in that will stand the test of the fire. its also in the good book; your work shall be put through the fire. well, here we are now. just you and your thoughts and your racing heartbeat. the air around your ear changes as the dragon wakes.

the fire brigade always arrive when the damage is done speed dial won’t save you now. the dragon swoops down on you after sizing you up from a distance breathing fire. its hot, very hot. very, very hot. you jump back into your shell and the dragon flies back to the skies. the crowd that was cheering you on now finds a joke not worth passing the dragon comes back and stands some distance away from you.

it shuts an eye to scrutinise this poor sweating and teeth chattering thing.( um, do tortoise have teeth? i dont know). ” what brings you here?” ” you come to be a hero?”. ” i have come to put an end to your terrorism!” (George W Bush-esque) pointing a paw at the bemused dragon. the dragon says to the tortoise,” lets not waste time, you are too little…  i’ll open my mouth and let you jump in like a good midday snack”. the watching crowd see the tortoise jump in and agree that this is one suicidal tortoise.

once inside the tortoise proceeds with its plan cutting the dragons insides ignoring the overpowering stench and the sight of half digested hooves horns and all manner of body parts. back at the ranch; panic as the dragon blows more ferociously than ever before. knocking down trees and flying at break neck speeds. “we are done for!” pandemonium! after what seems like an eternity the dragon falls to the ground as the animals watch in bewilderment and twitches its last. the dust settles and the tortoise emerges from the dragons underbelly having cut a hole through its side.

long story short, the memorumdumof understanding was honoured and the tortoise was made the king of the animal kingdom.

whats the moral of the story?


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