Beautiful Dark Twisted

I dont know
how not to rebel.
I wont be taught
how not to behave.
I know
more than i should. (&)
you cant tell me nothing !*
like am kanye…
waste your breath !
I have been waiting too long for
applause its only these walls…
i called close
I could be honest
like a hornets nest…
I am
diamond flawless
exorcism it is.
I‘ll apologise later
(what do it take to be a legend like Nas is ?)
I got a right
to be a little bit snobbish**
this is
my beautiful dark twisted fantasy :
“Kanye u a genius !!”

for Kanye West
*Cant tell me nothing – Kanye West. album Graduation
**Classic- Rakim, KRS-1, Kanye West, Nas, DJ Premier
Note u dont apologise for exorcism

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