Beautiful Black Twisted Fantasy

whats on my mind ?

the opening scene
coming to America
the royal penis
is clean
your highness
my highness
bath tub
wine glasses
fantasy is
falling in love
falling in love is

a photo shoot
lady love
a private room
a private dance
for an heirloom
good morning world…
yes yes yes
Fak you too !
prudish –
show me your full moon
under the full moon…
your leg over
the armrest
no rest
my model chic
is straight A’s
no jest
am writing on you
to get you contorted
trying to read
what i posted
lets go to hell
heaven is
i’ll get u back in time
so i proposed to her.
on face book!
she was on about
my way with words
i never got to say
“i love my numbers”
perfect figure
number eight
Yin and Yang
like sixty nine
i love your two’s
take that off too
I’ll get back to you

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