my beautiful black twisted fantasy

it takes a man

to take a manly step

& it takes a woman…

oh what the heck !


i am not

boyfriend material

“me: my beautiful black twisted… fantasy”

“her: yes…”

(i died right there!)

me: Marie, marry me

… answer me ?

her: you know the answer

its staring you

right in the eye.

this long distance thing

is not for me

so she says

come on over tonight

i says

i need a place for my g5 jets

i think –

maybe ‘this’

wont take off !

as she struts

the runway…

you could  say

she’s fly !

” me: my beautiful black twisted … fantasy “

” her: yes… “

she flirted.

i noted.

what do i make of this ;

beauty. poetry. i liked her.charms.

an innocent dangerous game.

unforgettable. moments.

am trying to capture.

light. air. vitality.



am high!

said i was playing with fire

and girl, she’s hot !

her: ok mr. , no more games

do you really like me

or Kanye’s dames

i gifted her

a Pandora’s Box

a bracelet loss

as my panic source

no picnics ‘coz

reality dawns


emotion’s lost

in translation.

” me: my beautiful black twisted … fantasy “

” her: yes… “





Marie Swamba

my beautiful black twisted … fantasy.

– look what u made me do, look what i made for u –


Vybz KartelMarie [weed love song]


4 thoughts on “my beautiful black twisted fantasy

  1. Moments exist surpassing the height of expressing our emotions in normal circumstances. I hate replication, so when I find myself in such situations I envy and personify the emotions. This time it needs to involve a 3rd party, but no one’s eligible in this case.

    Hata mimi nimeifeel.

  2. josh what can i say. am grateful u took the time to share with me. am more than honoured that you tuned into the melange of emotions that this piece rides upon.

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