III. The Divorce

scene 4:

talking weddings

and babies

– its rabid

then it’s ;

” am not , getting

any younger ”

– save me !

so you know, the story…

when i had me

an Amber Rose Bouquet

for my Black Rose.

– i hate goodbyes !

” Don’t worry

you’ll find you a nice girl”

an i-love- art type girl.

Shakespeare in love

thus, Romeo must die

a Beatrice Portinari

to my Dante Alighieri

am seated

on the ledge, scarred

the wind blowing on my

vision, blurred

-fate ?

i need a new fantasy

the other is getting old

too quickly, getting called

to battle an old foe…

reality, is so cold !

like the streets

below, her window

serenading her in the rain

guitar in hand strumming…

(awwww… )

so painfully romantic



some poison


go to sleep !

– grief ?

cant lose

what you never had

– fantasy ?

you never remember

the beginning

of a dream

the deeper you go

the darker it grows

the more twisted

it becomes, you.

being washed up

on the shores

of your conscience

be wary of getting,

lost in limbo


i need to think !

i need space …

to think !


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