The Suit

notes to self.

#1.  don’t bonga

– speak english !


#2. don’t bob your head

to Reggae

to Hip Hop

(in the Matatu)


#3. watch Your posture


#4. act snobbish

look serious-ly

very busy


#5. wear a watch

it don’t have to work

(”disco” is not a watch)

– time to time glance

at your watch


#6. dont ‘gota’

–  firm handshake


#7. adopt ‘the’ posture;

fore finger to the temple


#8.nod your head knowledgeably

#9. occasionally say ” ya”

to accompany #8.

(you know, in fact …)


ongoing research findings:

the suit is a powerful tool.

you are treated different

call it respect (?)…


you are a soft

petty hustle target


police and/ or watchmen

are friendly.. very


avoid ‘base’ and ‘maboyz’



Request for study grant:

– tailored suits

– job

– cash

– car




Giorgio Armani

Range Rover



all universities

all hustlers

all police


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