Thinking of You

I thought i’d write

With the wind in my face

My palm open

In front of me

To the night sky…

But for what i did.


i missed u sorely.

Sunday evening

i went back to…( )


long story short-

in another girls arms

thinking of you;

is this love…



leaning on the bus stop

sign post, right arm

around her waist stops

in her jacket pocket.

(pulls her close)

left hand on her… neck

leaning toward her

resting my… head

nuzzling to the side

of her… face,

‘Mind Bending’…


am, thinking of you


as the scene;

-street lights

-matatu’s racing

-dancehall music

-tout hollering

“ako sawa !..”

fades to black.


i whisper to her

sinners wawili

“we’re two sinners…”


my eyes shut…



nafaa kuacha

“ i need to stop”


unajua si poa

“ you know its wrong”


He! hauezi !”

“Ha,  you cant!”


nimeifunga hivi !”

“i got you on lock!”


She nestles back on my chest

am thinking of you…



for You


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