my ghetto girl

she say dat


actions speak louder than words

like love…

buy me a mansion

“tramp!” escapes

my pursed lips…


am Donald Trump



talkin ’bout my ghetto girl

sunday afte’s my day out

or day in with her


i met this girl

i was three years old

what i loved most,

she had so much soul !…


football jersey top

fitting jeans, safari boots

complete the mean and clean

aspirations to long hair

she don’t really care

lebo ameekelea

na true colours

ka’ armband

in her rude gal stance.



grooving my girl

romancing me

cushioning my falling

in love…


tears on my lower eyelids

five kids, father gone

she’s strong

reads her I.D!


i’d buy books

before i boots;

how can i possibly

buy looks


ano me dat


she is more than beautiful

she’s true;


jojo tusidanganyane...


si unioe!…


I remember when we used to sit

by shop ya kerosene

Eastleigh Section III

millet meal porridge

i’d share with you

my dreams of getting

out the ghetto…


am missing you



she don even call

my name right



For my uptown girl


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