one last great romance

the aftermath

of  “the divorce”

a terrifying lonesomeness

said i was heartless

why am i feeling..

so melancholy

“the fantasy” is passed

unlike questions i was asked

“what do you want?”

what do i want?…

One Last Great Romance

i need a girl?


i need a love


# overcome

the eighteen month

infatuation cycle

# break

my cynicism

to feelings;

feelings come and go

satisfy my soul!

save me from…

my Jack Nicholson

i had a vision..

girl you were

my queen…


ask anything of me

and i shall give, even

to the half…

of my kingdom!


come now

whisper to me…



anything of me

but, that…


for this one thing,

i shall grieve.

for this one thing…

is not in my power.


– my heart !


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