The C.V

suffering the indignity

of coerced humility

is poverty’s impunity





yes sir

thank you sir

at him




i say;


sex slavery

is consensual

the devil wears prada

and i care nada

for you & your

corporate ladder


i have nothing

against technology;

clock in, clock out

biometric machines

but for the system;

guess which finger

i signs in & signs out with.


little words inspired this


” you are not serious… ”

” am a very busy man… ”


“sorry sir..”

“it wont happen again”


i went to drop my C.V

a Curriculum Vitae

a Corporate Vilification


i step towards the door

“excuse me sir”

“i forgot”

i pull something

out my coat

that’ll leave him more

shock’d, than awed…


i laugh manically…

he peers over his spectacles

as i prepares to pee…

“young man !!”


wake up (muttley)…

i wake up with a start.

i swear an inward capital F

for what am about to say…


“yes sir !!”

“sorry sir!!”…

and so on

and so forth..


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