woman is the muse

“whats not pain is not poetry”

it could also explain my twisted sense kwa relationships. not that ive had any. its like an exchange… only we both nt ever get to be satisfied as in ” thinking of you”… ile design u could be with a woman bt be inspired or roused by another … either emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually.

to me a woman as a muse is my ‘salvation’ if you look at it from the Dante Aligheri na Beatrice Portinari story…. they never even spoke! so i recently tell this girl i like that i identify with George Clooney in the movie ” Up in the Air”…  in the divine comedy it is Beatrice that guides him

maybe tunaeza angalia the creation story.. and am getting lost in myself. adam was asleep and a rib was taken ndio the woman akatokea. i believe the poet as Victor Hugo .. (i think) said ” the poet has a soul of crystal”… is y anaeza experience the purest rawest form of what is now so dragged in the filth word ” love”.

i say ” god is Love”

“two wings bear the good man to heaven… death, and love”

the thin line between genius and madness… ever looked at it? what do all these great artists have in common… what brought about their ruin? in the mark twain poem he speaks of ” getting booming drunk…” and a woman can make you feel the same way… high.
look at it this way.. a friend asked me y it is men sing songs about women. and i thought – do women do the same? how many? how often… is it the same?

.you say am complex… unajua ata mi sijielewi. whts wrong with me? …now ive run out of words!

Troy… nini ilileta vita.my best works there was a woman. face book a la “social network” hehe. the Taj Mahal… woman. and its not just beauty… there is more and no, its not about the woman. i could say its bout creation. artists i could say ..or mayb me; go through what a woman goes through during her menstrual cycle… they also experience what they do during child birth. and maybe this will get you or a few other feminist activists up in arms. well, go ahead. protest all you want. burn my effigy. i could have said more but am spent.

“woman is the muse…”


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