Freedom & Madness

freedom & madness

the madness of freedom

the freedom of madness

Man is born free but everywhere he is in chains so said Jean Jack Rousseau.

I ask what is freedom ? The dictionary I just looked at gives a disappointing definition which, well… gives credence to the fore mentioned statement.  Particularly considering that,” it’s guaranteed by the constitution” which is laughable to say the least. It also has choice words that leap at me: ‘restriction’, ‘permission’ and ‘ right’.  The descriptions under ‘Free’ are plain lovely:  not controlled, not prisoner, no payment, not attached/trapped, not being used, not busy, ready to give                                                          -You’ll have to read the explanations in entirety.

 Where am I headed with this? I don’t know but stick with me for a bit.


Breaking the chains not the ties that bind us to each other; shirking the ‘responsibility’ first bred in the family set up. Perpetrated by the idol worship that is weddings institutionalized by religion. The proper way, the right way and the only way as it is. Codes of conduct, etiquette, rules of engagement, the norm … who makes up this rules I say

What is to be free?

To be free is to run mad. I say this why; every market has a mad man. These to me are the only free people walking the earth. To break the chains that we are born into a degree of madness must take effect.  Still, madness is better than foolishness. Only ignorance is bliss and knowledge a heavy cross!

Keep in mind the ‘running’ here is in no way a race.  This means everyone knows the extent of their freedom and /or madness. Try not impose it on others…

Give me freedom or give me death?

Idiot! Freedom is not given (or guaranteed by the constitution), you all have it in built, and it’s only a matter of exercising it; ‘emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds’, Bob Marley.  Herein lies the ‘madness’.  Defying gravity . Breaking the rules. Asking  the questions. Walking alone. Being limitless.


‘Give freedom or give death’ implies freedom is life.  Good living entails embracing freedom yours and others too as espoused in ‘live and let live’.  ‘Express don’t repress’ is the way to go remember our freedoms must not enslave others. It is in losing our ‘self’ that we find ‘ourselves’. Let, ‘self’ here stand in for ego and ‘ourselves’ for the essence of being.

I am



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