recently went to transfer some funds electronically. not much.

encountered this bank teller i’ll call Mofoka. he asked where i worked as he paused to sign looking at the computer screen then to the form i’d filled. i guess he couldn’t believe. or accept that i was entitled to the service he was about to offer. so i answered him against my slighted hustle sense.

there beside me stood a t.v comic celeb turned politician signing cheques. he’s a hustler too. just to prove to myself that am not too sensitive i stood behind and let my mind drift off. Mofoka outmaneuvers to full ass-kiss position; leaning forward ejaculating dry jokes heartily signing away.

thats that. i move out of the bank promising myself one day soon i wont be asked belittling questions. or maybe that’s just the protocol. money dont follow protocol and i’d rather u dont kiss my ass.  lick my boots. not my purple safari boots!


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