by the streets of Sirte…


i was happy

i was sad too


can’t see them

coming down my eyes



was sounded

but bullets out-shouted

“democracy & freedom”!


pour out a little liquor

blood & oil…

pour out a litre…


by the streets

of Sirte, where

i sat down…


and laughed.


at the irony

and poetry.


dragged out of a culvert

scurrying like a rat…

but man;

is the cruelest animal!


God is a tyrant

and so is Satan.


when you

Dance with the devil;

The devil never changes,

You do!


the procession.


bloodied face

he lies in state


in a freezer…


the scowl remains

frozen in time.


“hail the ‘King of Kings”


i think

caught in ‘cross-fire’?

aptly stinks.

did i blaspheme?


‘mad dog’




used interchangeably;






“Victory”! (?)


by the streets

of Sirte where

i sat down…


and wept.


never laugh

at the tears

of a prophet…


” Long live the King”


real kings don’t die

they become martyrs


col. muammar al-gaddafi
col. muammar al-gaddafi



20/ 10/ 2011

 Heroes Day


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