Lioness: hidden treasures (like smoke)

love’s a verb

play to win

pray for me


she says am so deep

something about

the way i think…


am so sensitive

don’t fall for me

big girls don’t cry…


the infamy!


lady’s bug after

her, asking me

like am robin thicke;


how does it feel…


“I never wanted

you to be my man

I just need

your company”


what did i do?

what did i get

my self into?


“Will I marry again?

Maybe, I guess

I hold a lady’s interest,

I just met”


a tortured soul


am a mr. jones

am a little wined

love, not blind!


‘heart breaker’


‘smooth operator’


see you later…

write me letter;


on mental lists

of suitors;


‘lines of best fit’

so to speak.


and for me, only

word the opposite of lonely!


‘you know am no good’…

like smoke




Amy Winehouse


excerpts from ” like smoke” amy winehouse ft nas


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