. how. i play as i grow. the child i was… would you b proud of i. would he? on the prize, which is… beside riches. teaches wa mtaa.

my hurt. left bedside. my heart. stuck in the rut. not i. rat race. bye. i made it. did i? why then u dont smile. shy…

“do you wanna ride” playing. now to the end. blind speed … eastleigh do u remember me? . sigh. do you love me? have you ever… picture me .malindi. nahepa baridi. dreams keep me awake. some places  id love to go. want to go. reach… for touch, taste, not living by fate or faith ..or regrets. backward looking.

everyday patience. everyday pressures. for leisure. rest when u die, dont hate the rich or bitch about your lack on their luck. i do. promise me better. measures journey to treasures.

ride down mombasa road. slow down.. walk with me now, today. sit across … talk to me. lets have a conversation. i have these leaks. a little souls to soul could tweak.  no judgement. upliftment…

do you know what “my achilles heel is?  love; i dont get enough of it!”. am i a monster


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