whats not pain is no poetry. finally the time to take up a decision is upon you. well. the heaviness could never be lifted.

the path… the cross roads. jay z lyrics ” I’m gonna follow the rules no matter how much time I’m gonna get I’m gonna live and die with the decisions that I’m gonna pick”

“To live and die in N.Y (Nai) the hustle game
Hustle cane, hustle clothes or hustle music
But hustle hard in any hustle that you pick
Skinny nigga toothpick but, but I do lift
Weight like I’m using roids Rolls Royce (Range Rover)
Keep my movements smooth while maneuvering
Through all the manuers in the sewers that I grew up in
Choices we make trying to escape”


“Flash back not having much, not having that”


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