New Day decoded/ unplugged

    • ok there is love… but there is also life. loving is not an end to itself. i’d say like king solomon wa bible… money is the answer to everything. like love dont pay bills, na kuosha laundry. even bila love bado life goes on. but love ni muhimu is not to be confused or understated. but it should be remembered that ni vitu mbili tofauti…

      then there’s a line by jay-z .. ” either love me or leave me alone”. there is no in between. it should and must be unconditional is what is implied. ‘nipende kwa dhati usinipotezee wakati’in a relationship boy girl… there is talk of compromise, sacrifice… but i ask u to ask urself .. are you ‘giving’ … or just ‘giving in’. i mean is it out of ur free will or its the circumstances the overwhelming feeling… the martyr that melancholics are hehe. is it the pressure to conform .. to not hurt the others feelings .. for the sake of it . the silly ‘if u love me u’l bla bla bla…”‘letter to my unborn’… na ‘words to my first born’ are titles to songs by the legendary tupac amaru shakur. too many letters to my unborn – is the longing or hoping or dreaming of the future… mine. ‘many two words to my first born’ – here the two words most important that si barua ‘LOVE YOU’. is all (s)he needs to know. ( a cousin and an acquaitance lost a baby boy and girl respectively )… well the next line follows up on the theme

      ‘ ghosts of kids’ i never had / or never will… its like mayb i wld have been different ningekua na mtoi now. decisions that i made got me ghosts of kids… this is heavy . girls i turned down… or turned me down or whatever… have young ones and they are happy now mayb i turned down a kid hehe but i live with it…. thats the gist. ..

      ‘or i never will’; Will!! … mayb i wont ever have a name to put in my will… to give something to .. an inheritance… hivo.i take u to church on the next lines;” building pyramids

      parting seas. Seal.”it is explained by the next lines;” no money no honey.

    • Real.”building pyramids si ilikua kazi serious. hard labour.. labours of love i cld say building something for the future generations. pyramids are tombs as well. i speak of wealth as well. parting seas ni ile story ya musa … story na leading to the land of milk and honey. hehe moses aliona promised land na umbali. let me take u deeper inside myself… nikijaribu kubuild future inaeza kua hata sitaiona. thinking certain conditions have to be met.. certain goals i have set for myself.. what if i never get to achieve them. but reality is also here with me.

      lines i write for others but for myself too. nobody gets to them except thru me. take ur hand its a descent … and an ascent

      welcomethen tunarudi;

      Loving AND Living

      Love OR Leave!!after this refrain the next part i’ve noticed ni philosophy kiasi…white wedding.

      black wedding. gray.i dont know really nini nilikua nasema but najua kuna kitu. naongea abt weddings… abt the modern wedding ceremonies that are white… mayb niko political hapa. say foreign. akina samantha bridal… wedding show… every girl dreams of hers. in a flowing gown… keki ya gorofa na pastor. of course sasa ntakukatsia but hizostory hazijawai nitouch. but anyway.. whats a black wedding. so am gray… you see. it rouses something inside of me.we cld start dreaming planning of weddings but i say to my friends wedding… ‘ wedding ni easy/ marriage ni kazi’. of flower arrangements and noni gathoni on speed dial. cheki ;”you got,

      him or heri.e. u just got together!! c’mon!!” but erm…

      what then?u worked so hard falling in love now mko confused. ok girlfriend boyfriend – so what then! or brand new husband, brand new wife … ok, alafu?i get to neitzche ;” what’s a man to a woman?

      what’s a woman to a man?”from his book ‘thus spoke zarathustra’… he says whats man to a woman? but a child. in that the man is to her one to get a baby from…whats a woman to a man? but a dangerous play thing! a going concern this ‘common sense’ ..’ general knowledge’ . how the world is . its everywhere it scares as much as it infuriates. pitting male versus female… men are like so! and women are like such! … men r dogs and women are cons. which i finish off the piece with but its more like a beginnig of something more. the poem in a way is incomplete.what we need is ;teach.

      – what are they to each other?that they are complementary. that they need each other. we have different roles we dont have to scream out every.single.instance! like ‘ which is more important; the sperm or the ova’ u get? we need a higher learning.. ‘GOD IS LOVE’. our young girls and boys wako exposed kwa hizi vitu pengine ki media hivi. but naibring down to something i know… i bring it home… si hapo ndio chuo ya first.”all men are dogs”, says she….

      “except my father!”, interjects meit ends so abruptly. but its beginnings…

      New Day


    • tunaeza ifanya numerology.mayb nieze break it down even more.. ni lines mbili mbili. ni 14 ‘ paragraphs’ and its a poem in two parts iko divided by” there is ‘Loving’ and there is ‘Living’….

      there is ‘Love me’ or there is ‘Leave me’ “na seven sijui ni number ya nini. google. something to do with completeness… whatever. bt sikua nimeplan . it just pac sed ” wen i write i go blind and let the Lord do his thing!”or am just showing off. ….

    • before i sign off let me mess with you 😉 ” God is Love” … ” there is love-ing and there is living”. …. open your eyes. preacher. get the picture.

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