Ms. Education

   What is the colour of love? Black

What is the colour of anger? Black

    Whats the colour of bitterness? Black

What is the colour of magic? Black


And mystery?

And warmth?

And passion?

And beauty ?


Are you beautiful?


Why not?

Ask my little girl

What is the colour of God?



It’s not what’s ON your head

It’s what’s IN your head


I am not my hair

I am not this skin

I am a soul that lives within”


Black woman

You are strong

But not that strong;

To carry the weight of the world

To carry the weight of injustice of history and of pain…


You are strong, strong to conceive greatness and birth hope!

You wear your hurt on your sleeve like a badge of honour

 Walking about town like “ona!”
Ona vile nimepitia noma!!
I need no man!!

            ama donors !!”


Listen to me;

“Kukua busy sio bidii”;


Working, shopping, chama, fellowship.


Knitting, gossip, cooking, cleaning.


Well-meaning escapism!


Emptiness & neediness is

Activities defined in line with status

Or enlightment

Or progress

Or feminist protest

What Jah can do no man can.

And what man can do…?

Woman can do


Do something for the folly of

“Pwani si Kenya”


Pick a day, say a Saturday

Pick a venue, say a church

Pick a song, say “pass me not!”


Oh gracious saviour…

Your people perish

For lack of knowledge


Woman thou art loosed!

Only if you will

Let go and let God


No, woman, don’t cry…

machozi yako yanivunja moyo


if only you knew…

if only you could see


You grew cold and numb

Not to be touched…


You fight your dreams

Kill in fact! Claiming it is reserved

For others and your happiness is undeserved

And tagged on your parents or partner’s wants


Have you ever been loved?

Do you even know what love is?

Have you ever been loved?


Loved by the most important person on this earth?

Have you ever loved?

Do you love, yourself?


I love you Afrika.


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