document 1


Who goes there? There’s a

Bomb scare at the church square.

Body searches at the gate,

‘Empty your pockets, yea

no coins make,

the collection plate’


‘I belong to no one’s church’


Guilty as  charged.

Are you saved?

‘I don’t know’

No, not yet? U are damned!



Do tell…

If heaven is a mile a way

What of hell?




Bible is a classic

Too holy to touch.

The book of the law

is an ass; for us, priests,

Kings and merchants




Blissful ignorance of illusion –

Waiting for a sign in the sky

There will be none!



‘Fantasy is what people want’

‘Reality is what they need’



Welcome to the matrix

What’s your medicine

Red or Blue pill?

Pick one.




Everyone deserves the right

To indulge their various vanities

& meaningless sense of dignity



‘I’ am the enemy of God

‘I’ am the antichrist

‘I’ am the fall of Lucifer

Here we go!




The family’s under siege

The foundations of

Community are breached

Inadvertently crumbling,

slavery, into


Babylon is no more

A physical address

Than a state of being

There is a war




Tell the children the truth

The highest learning

Is unlearning

The doctrine of Fear!…



‘The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit’

‘The kingdom of heaven is in you.’



To sacrifice your will

Is no suicide, for

This is the whole gospel;

–          LOVE          –



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