Heart break: The confessions of


A sister once called me heartless

A cousin half in jest called me heartbreak

So much was it heart felt


Shut my eyes tight but instead I locked the thoughts inside

Standing under the shower ‘if only they knew how much I suffered.’

I called it wise and just this judgement I faced

Have you ever heard the sound of a heart break?

It shatters into a million questions


These lines always came to me under the shower

It’s the tears shed, I gathered, for when my heart went cold.



You forget

What mama said?


You forget

Mama said don’t run

You might run and fall!

Mama said

You might fall and get hurt

You forget mama said don’t run…

You might fall, In love.



You forget


I’ve been there before!


Saying goodbye at the inception

Dying every time of perception


I’ve been there before


In the rain, in white shoes

With a bouquet of roses;

In spite of myself!!


I’ve been there before


Calling, writing, Knowing;

“This is pointless!”


I’ve been there before…

And vividly I remember how it felt.




So, I kept tripping, but not falling, tripping but not falling

Tripping is not as bad a feeling as falling, is it?


For lack of a better word; finally, I fell in love

Mostly with the poetry of her story, I told you

I’ve been there before and other stories


A Whitney Houston type of Christ complex I have

Great expectation; so follows it, great disappointment


I write better when am alone I create best…

Go away but don’t leave. Don’t leave me to this torture

These, these, these… thoughts, emotions, spirits… – whatever…

No, am not afraid of dying. I just don’t want to be lonely, least not tonight.


One year is a long time, a lot could happen

What’s colder than a lie in July?

Take for instance a conception in January

So when you see me crying you’ll know she’s gone

Try not to wake me when September ends.


All I ever wanted was to hurt less;

For others and for myself

Sister dearest, I told them,

“Ask anything of me but my heart”


When they did the reverse, Cousin,

Why did I get married? After

I said “I am not boyfriend material”


I am a monster, huh?

I’ll tell u what my Achilles heel is;

Love, I don’t get enough of it!




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