love and other short stories

I’ll tell you a story. It’s about a girl; the confused emotions of a young girl I know. She see-saws in-out and through my mind… she grows out the concrete (remember?). I’d forgive her everything. I knew. Do you believe me? I knew

It’s an old friend’s birthday today. I wonder what I should say ‘goodbye’ would be nice. ‘I’ve missed you’ would be better. Just, ‘happy birthday’ would suffice…. Told her to make a wish, I’d light a candle for her and whisper a secret prayer to God, “this is dedicated to the one…” a friend. Smile to that. I’ll buy a cake, a black forest at that, soon after my throat clears.

I would forgive you for believing I loved her. I’d forgive her everything

Even now still she inspires poetry. In beautiful dark smoky recesses of the mind where I retreat she follows. Sipping on wine at a Keg joint seated on old wooden soda crates. In time concentration wanes and I do not mind the jostling or the extremely discomforting Mugithi. The shouted drawling conversations … he stares.

Love and other short stories; her hands in his, strangers in the night, then he says this,” you were meant to be mine, you were meant to be mine, you were meant to be mine… in another life time”. I knew

Time is a healer. The parting gift was hope and faith in a future love. It was sealed with an embrace. They were getting to know each other more. It was night, the mood was right the words were wrong. Almost perfect

Forgive and … imperceptibly he shakes his head smiling wryly; how to forget? Seventy seven times seven times. Sigh. Sina mengi, nina mashairi. Sina mengi, mimi tu. He remembers she smiled with her eyes once or twice maybe more and would want her to have forgotten. Shame, all that pain for a poem! Liquor could never be anaesthetic enough night nurse. It’s getting late

Fill me up! A neighbour hollers me back to the joint. Turning towards me eyes glazed conspiratorially his face bush brushing my cheek he speaks. Did you like my story?


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