waterfall in my room

Rain falls in my room. I catch it in buckets and bowls. The optimist school of thought stresses that my room is half full of water …could half empty be a better fit. The shower’s out of service. I don’t know how to complain. I learnt a little pride so it has its price. The room is damp


Wealth highlights a person’s character I don’t think it changes them. Being in a position of need subjects you to camouflage your self

There’s a poem I read in high school, ‘The guilt of giving’.  I wonder why having is made out to be a sin. ‘It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get to heaven’ seen? Work hard and reward, yourself. Philanthropy is good even for purging the guilt of having. Biblically, the right hand shouldn’t know what the left hand issues.


Sign language should be introduced in high school; as an elective in final year and a compulsory subject in the formative secondary schooling…

Congratulations and thanksgiving for the efforts of Sitawa on championing/ voicing mental health issues.


Like all great enterprises an individual should have a quarterly method of analysing their development and contribution to their environment. We are part of family and community and this system could be adapted to these and wider connections

I am tired of fear…


Can’t please everyone and can’t be everything to everyone. Man is by nature a creature in tune with the rhythms of self-preservation or we could just say man is selfish.  We all want the same things in more or less different ways.


Water fall in my room; I catch it in buckets and bowls. The path to my bath is clean and that to my birth is lean. The floor is cold I covered her with a prayer mat, blankets and lay (No wine)… I park my mountain bike inside one day she’ll Be My Wife. Too many rivers to cross coaxing myself outside; the cold lonely dark places have a hold on melancholy. Poverty’s too populated that’s my excuse to wealth


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