Supreme Court.

– CORD petitions the supreme court of Kenya on the presidential results.

There are calls for Raila Amolo Odinga to ‘CONCEDE DEFEAT’. Personally, i believe the case will be thrown out. Not in any part due to a lack of commitment by the Chief Justice or a lack of merit in the petition. The ICC cases against the president elect will meet something of a similar fate, a dead end.

Anyway, people want to go on with their lives. A lot of time, energy and money has been spent on the general election. I don’t blame them. Others among his supporters have conceded defeat on his behalf. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about – ‘mwenye nguvu mpishe’ a.k.a ‘ mnyonge hana haki’ a.k.a ‘kilio cha samaki’. He should have known when he went up against ‘the tyranny of numbers’ (tsk). Maybe it should be said ‘msiba wa kujitakia hauambiwi pole’. What’s the ‘msiba’ here? Cry beloved country

Among the calls from the ‘CONCEDE DEFEAT MOVEMENT’, there are the religious ones among us that would wish to direct everyone to the Supreme Judge – Almighty God. Interposed with, ‘the voice of the majority is the voice of God’ and am wary of a crowd of prophets. All authority comes from God. His (RAO) concession would be a soothing balm on many egos. This could help you out; ‘it was a ‘two-horse race’ and the kicks of a dying horse are severe’. Am reminded of a swahili saying ‘asante ya punda ni mateke’. Punda ni nani? Tafakari ya babu

Law has nothing to do with justice. The law is an ass. A beast of burden (&) the burden (of proof) is on the victim. In the courtroom of the world opinion the Independent Electoral Boundary Commission is guilty of betraying democracy. Upon less than rigorous testing its independence is questionable and therefore, the results incredible. What’s the opposite of credible? Well, I don’t know, sham?

The Supreme Court is we the people; your conduct dear IEBC, and others not before this court, was objectionable and as such your contribution to civic education shall be voter apathy and defeat.

It wouldn’t be right to call Raila Amolo Odinga the CORD ( Coalition Of Reforms & Democracy) presidential candidate at this stage, with the elections over and swearing in ceremony plans underway. He said, ‘democracy (in Kenya) is on trial’. If so, then he must fancy himself its advocate. His curriculum vitae agrees. Whatever the outcome of the Supreme Court of Kenya’s ruling…

Quite a number of people that listened to or heard of the ‘ democracy on trial’ speech are appalled by Raila Odinga’s audacity to compare 2013 elections to the 2007, how? I mean, robbery with violence and first-degree murder versus Fraud a petty white collar crime! He should have at least given the devil/ ‘dark forces’ its due. It was an epic well executed organised crime of grand proportions. ‘ Wow, you can’t make this stuff up !…’



This takes nothing away from Uhuru Kenyatta’s ‘victory’; I am jubilated by the dreams from his father.


Concede we’re trying to sleep!


mwenye nguvu mpishe’ – might is right

mnyonge hana haki’  – the weak has no rights

‘kilio cha samaki’ – no one sees nor hears fish cry. Who knows if they have tears.

‘msiba wa kujitakia hauambiwi pole’ –

‘msiba’ – tragedy

‘ Asante ya punda ni mateke’  – the donkey’s gratefulness is kicks


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