U.K & U.K

I ‘know’ Uhuru Kenyatta won, how? Some ‘believe’ he won, this latter group are a dangerous lot.  Knowledge and belief are two different things. ‘Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen’… but come, let us reason together (hypothetically or hypocritically), crucify me later…

Simple mathematic operation of addition was to be employed. Someone decided this was boring and was compelled to multiply by 8 and keep a constant 600K. Working from the known to unknown; the known being 50%+1 he/ she / it set out to work. The assignment / examination had to be completed within 7 days. Whispers circulated of a seer with a leakage or prophecy that had to be fulfilled. Back at the ranch, the invigilators kept a tight lid on proceedings. Exam fever can explain a returning officer getting shot accidentally, a police officer committing suicide and party agents being chased out – these things happen! White-out, typing errors of commission and omission; questions arising collide with ‘WE WANT PEACE!’ ‘ACCEPT THE RESULTS’

Besides, democracy is a foreign concept. International observers to the electoral process in Kenya gave a report card on the country’s performance. It was a fair evaluation, workable enough for an African nation, sounding more patronising than congratulatory. The U.K is a monarchy we could borrow a leaf grafting the tree could be agonising. U.K is blue blooded unlike his running mate who looks more like a custodian for one of the ‘mwenye nchi’. Let’s wait-and-see meanwhile, we celebrate the indoctrination of tyranny.

The ICC cases are an affront to Kenya’s sovereignty. Like father like son to the rescue; Kapenguria Six and Ocampo Six then four now three; one against colonialism the other against neo-colonialism real, imagined and perceived. ‘The tree of liberation watered with blood’ … sweat, tears and indelible ink I must add.  We shall not be intimidated. Botswana mtaacha wana! You shall be used as an example in the demonstration of our false sense of intense patriotism!

‘Soon we’ll find out who is the real revolutionary’. From a Bob Marley song, Zimbabwe, composed to commemorate the country’s Independence. He was invited to grace the event but the young country couldn’t afford his performance fee. Bob therefore decided to finance the trip for his crew and the shipping of equipment. Further, one of the I-three’s tells a story of the happenings on the day of the Independence Day performance. As they sung their hearts out on stage drama unfolded at the gate of the stadium that was the venue. The freedom fighters whose theme music in the struggle was reggae music felt left out, literally even. They crashed the party pulling down the gate. Tear gas filled the air and a general sense of pandemonium prevailed. The stage was quickly deserted save for a man in tight jeans and dreadlocks dancing in the wind. He later questioned her revolution credentials.

Sadly, a cousin of mine turned deaf, blind and mute encasing himself in a cocoon of denial and indifference. The eyes are the gate way to the soul and the ears the highway to the heart. ‘A thin line between courage and stupidity’; he is either a coward or a smart man. Cowards live longer but is it better to live on your knees than die on your feet? He tells us to ignore the rumours of war and I held back on retorting that his whole life would be a rumour. An uncle philosophically offers a conciliatory, ’we prayed for a boy, we got a girl’. I mull over paternity and promiscuity in the African vis-a-vis European family set up…


‘Even rigging requires a little bit of intelligence’ Mwai Kibaki, 1988 *advising then president Daniel Moi


‘There comes a time when the interests of the nation are more important than the interests of an individual’, Prof. George Saitoti. Remember the context


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