beauty is fleeting

Beauty is fleeting

Charm is deceptive

But a woman

That loves

The lord is to be praised.


What are the values that inform our choice for a life partner? Is it her fashion sense or a shapely body? That presentability to friends and family

I admire the mind of depth and width. Simplicity borne out of afro-centricism – selfishly its my politics, social consciousness and economic astuteness appeals to me. Independence is attractive as is individuality. The power to define oneself outside the influence or input of popular culture


Life is short.

Time is not.

‘Til death

Tying the knot

Decisions manifest.


Still, there is something about a spiritually awake and aware woman / lady. I think it’s the peace that engulfs them – serenity. Proximity to it has a calming effect. Being balanced as brought forth in the principles of the eastern religion. A sort of detachment


A Sade of a woman

… complete,

am tempted

at least,

have my baby?’

That Lauryn Hill vibe

A Tingling of the senses

Purity and a wholesome contentment – bliss

Who feels it, knows it


Call her the ‘proverbs 31’ woman, a promise. A good wife is a gift from God. I don’t receive too many gifts even from flesh and blood. God is spirit to be worshipped in truth. What do I have to do? What do I have to give? Nothing is what – Now you understand grace.

It’s a material world. Even so, what is wealth without woman? Woe is man.


Inspired by Bretsi Anzetse


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