sijui dating nini

i dont know about dating. ask me about interviews and auditions. can you cook? šŸ™‚ in my culture when a woman is married they say, “she has gone to cook”. i think dating is going to an expensive restaurant from what i have observed; a neutral venue to discuss terms and conditions pertinent to sex. it’s nothing peculiar in the kingdom animalia.

my aunt mami advises against what she calls ‘ flashy flashy’ girls. the colourful painted ones; eyes, lips, cheeks. long plastic nails balancing on stilts. exaggerated personality, swinging appendages and accessories. shopping , name dropping, town trotting, sex poting, smoking & tot-ing raving til morning. come to think of it – what does she tell my sisters?

i have nothing against this ‘modern woman’ but i honestly cant keep up not that i want to anyway. competition of the sexes is not for me; chauvinist! right? you could ask your parents or watch how they relate evaluating how you fit into that equation. the family

the female instinct is to select the strongest and healthiest mate. this is their life assurance package. a mate that can provide for her and the offspring. it bothered me when they screamed for well toned pretty boys. case in point Biko Adema. wealth is an added advantage and can also be a substitute. billionaires and supermodels …. i am taking it well; i dont hate the player. the game is rigged. i quit complaining.

seeking out a partner. someone to share in your profits and loss. you need to assess their suitability to your cause, their assets, liabilities and the effect of your merger on the overall synergy. the parties involved will need to agree on the necessary restructuring to be executed. all the books must be tabled and open for scrutiny.


first, what’s in it for me?


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