waterfalls II

i stood infront of the t.v set arms folded over my chest taking in a video of Jaguar beside a bentley on phone waiting for his lovely gone shopping. his girl’s sidekicks/ tag-alongs are impressed if not envious. jaguar at wilson airport taking them and their boyfriends on a plane trip somewhere i.e. his plane. then it comes to me how it used to be; me as jay – z in ‘excuse me miss’ video. i had to convince myself we looked alike. pah! reality is never subtle, it kicks in!
mr. civil servant opens the door to his home; a bedsitter a.k.a ‘studio apartment’; formerly a store to the main house servants quarter. the seasonal stench enthusiastically rushes to greet him as he feels for the light switch. filthy rich? ; i dont get it! it rained. the waterfall cascaded over the wall and collected in a puddle. skip to the right. clean it up. air freshener up. see, it’s not that i dont like visitors. sigh. anyway, am a melancholic.
the knowledge that wealth is not everything nonetheless gives me no comfort. either way we can go biblical; ‘you cannot serve God and mammon’ and ‘the love of money is the beginning of evil’ and ‘money is the answer to everything’
And i’m having it better than a great number of people. Food. Clothing. Shelter. yeah, i hear you. i want more! what do they take me for? what of you?
look at me; M.t.v sets the agenda for youth worldwide and defines for them success. adolescents are most at risk since they are impressionable. i am damaged, who to sue? there is hope however, i am not ruined. we need different super heroes & dolls. africa. world.
mean faces arise from the gutter and you think they are angry. its the hunger, the cold and the putrid air that twists the faces out of shape. i used to be beautiful and carefree. nothings for free. i go get it.
the room in my absence fills with the smell of warm baby poop. the plumbing is ‘off’, it must be the shady engineering! my land lady is genial, she complains that she doesn’t see me much. i prefer it that way. she suggests that i buy milk from her shop. okay


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