bed & breakfast

mosquito nets
smell like cigarettes
smoke. bedding of
spit and of old

bags at the door,
under the eyes,
ready to go –
breaking dawn.

cleaning ladies
silent indifferent knowledge.
bars, bed & breakfast

are you dew?



the writer was at a lodging in murang’a and was thinking of the history in the room and bed he was occupying. he reflected upon relationships ; in culture if a man sought to marry he first had someone undertake a background check on his interest. i think its okay. if you are to take a long term view of a relationship it is necessary unlike what they call in field work or business trips  as ‘helping each other out’. you dont need to know the history of a sex worker , only the health and  charges for the service.

yeah, that last line is a play on the similar sounding words (i dont know what they call that) – due and dew.
‘ woman, are you dew?’  and ‘ woman are you due?’


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