‘work is worship’
dont get it on reverse.
i am special
you’ll have to treat me as such.
i am averse
to losing & to the inanimate.
put me first
i would still understand if you didn’t!

time rules, on
the cause of death of us;


the writer’s notes

” B, i dont think its meant to be/ she loves her work more than she does me”… “… i’d probably love my work more than i did she/ so for me its deserved” jay-z, lost one

this piece is for those lovers that felt taken for granted in their relationships. those that feel the careers or jobs of their mates as a ‘rival’ or as the ‘other woman’. for those who also feel they have wronged their lovers, friends, family in this way. pray, do make amends.

pollsters/ researchers identify the issue of finances as the greatest cause of breakdown of marriages. the writer gives a different perspective by reminding us of the phrase ‘ time is money’. he also summarizes the piece with the word ‘work’. it has a deeper meaning that exhorts us to invest time and energy into the relationships. my cousin ajos always says, “do not take family for granted!”. it is from work that we get paid. paul in an epistle writes ‘ he who does not work should not eat’. it is adams curse.

‘work is worship’ i saw on the walls of a hindu temple in nyeri. dont get it on reverse = worship not  work.  amen.

time has pronounced judgement that work (business and busyness) is the cause of death of us. why not (put in the same effort ) work on us/ the relationship?

god bless the work of my words. amen.


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