labour of love

lately, ajos has developed a taste for coffee. he is going through the java house catalogue. he grew up in kisumu city’s manyatta. it is good.

lunch, evening coffee dates and late night ‘rave’.

sabina (sabrina), remember her? my ‘ghetto girl’. its been a long time since we met. she suggests… Ranalo’s/ Kosewe’s ! i point out her ‘mpank’ credo.  As the conversation develops she gives me this; ‘ uwezo yako nta vumilia..’. 🙂 quintessential ghetto – i laugh to myself.

give thought to that line – ‘uwezo yako ntavumilia..’. (i will bear with your ability).

the male goes all out in an effort to woo the female. they lie, cheat, steal & kill to impress. it’s basic; power, virility and wealth. the lion and its mane, the peacock’s tail, the deer’s antlers are all geared towards mating. man is animal. its a ‘man’s world’ tsk! she woo man with the faint scent of sex. heh
i just travelled to and from nanyuki. kutembea kwingi kuona mengi. (travel much you see much). am dog tired and hungry so we text each other good night. before i doze off i ruminate on whether it is me she wants to see or Ranalo . if it is fish, there is ‘mama oliech’s’ (p. get well soon) or there is my place. am reminded of a KFC (kentucky fried chicken) treat request. i answered the lady,” i am a civil servant” a.k.a civil sufferer. tried making a joke out of it too. We ended up at ‘Caprice fries’ … twisted sense of humour. (get it? ‘caprice’…  shucks)… and Arsenal fc were playing. hahaha. not funny.

ahh shht. i lost the thread of this.

song by mejja – ‘landlord’. i’ve decided to make a deal with sabina and others. i dont want much; in return for the outing there should be an inning. its a win-win. show you how i live. a two-way trip to my one-room shack. i presume sex is on your mind. that is expected. it is human. no energy shall be expended to convince you otherwise.

talking of labours of love, i think its the exposition of the phrase ‘ mwanaume ni effort’ (man is effort). ‘love is long-suffering’. paul writes to the corinthians. what is the motivation behind my ‘ghetto girl’s’ utterance? you decide. it is my feeling in this context that ‘mwanaume ni effort’ aspires to insult subtly by being patronizing (matronizing?).
the piece is informed by the ‘labours of heracles’ (hercules). the son of Zeus and a mortal Alcmene. he was driven mad by Hera and slew his own six sons. After recovering his sanity, Hercules is  advised by the oracle Pythoness to reside at Tyrins and serve King Eurystheus for twelve years performing whatever labour as penance.
Hera is the wife and one of the three sisters of Zeus. Her chief function is as the goddess of women and marriage. interestingly, in my native toungue ‘hera’ means love. in greek mythology, she is known for her jealous and vengeful nature, most notably against Zeus’s lovers and offspring.
so, where does ajos fit in the general order of things? nowhere. however, everything is connected to everything. the permutations are infinite. here is a tupac song – ‘do for love’.




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