you shouldnt read this

I receive a text from Yolanda “from one melancholic to another; people suck”  J that’s years ago. She’s now resident in a faraway planet of France. Paris city of love (?)

What follows next is totally unrelated and meaningless. I think she shouldn’t read this. You too.

feeling this way I miss my university days. I’d be now heading to ADD and later on in the night stroll into the koinange street to admire professionals at work. It is called sex work. I wouldn’t like to make sex a job but if you love your work, you will never have to work a day in your life. This exactly is what some up-standing members of society think of this line of … whats the word … work. Shrug. I mean they don’t think its work. ‘get out of bed only prostitutes make their money on their back’. I am not an upstanding member of society hehe. May I add that these pros (for professionals) not only make money on their back – that’s for the wives and missionaries (I heard). I mean there are many other positions.

Talking positions dear upstanding … (oh and that’s a position) anyway positions… how do you make your living. Do you love what you do? It must involve pleasuring some higher up in some way and letting them have their way with you. ‘nobody dies a virgin ________________________’ (fill in the blanks).  You put your back into it and get paid, right? You have an hourly rate for your services…

Legalize it already.

I mentioned wives. I’l mention dowry & maintenance.

Missionary miracles; tithe & offering

boy: why do you want to get married?

Girl: to have sex legally

Me: !!!!!

Let me put you on the game –

‘Everything’s for sale’

But I didn’t say


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