the smells again.

a man has three heads. my opinion. hear me out. there is that seated on his shoulders there is that around the sternum and finally the popular loins. whichever is given prominence is that which drives a man.

men dont use their heads. meaning the masculine think with their dicks to be blunt and direct. that their appetite for mating is insatiable. a primal instinct. nose in the air seeking out most available tail.

then there is “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. from mothers (sometimes sisters) to girlfriends to wife. i could also insert here the inherent greed in all. When a man haves a woman it is colloquially referred to as ‘eating’.

I have been asking myself,” who eats who?” This talk isn’t for the saints. Follow me only if you must.  Picture the act and after the fact experience the result. I could spell it out clearer but slow down and think about the involved anatomy.

i say ” insult me but not my intelligence”. call this part ambition. say men think of sex all the time or most of it, anyway were back where we started. you forget the biggest sex organ is the brain. i like a beautiful mind on a woman.

hunger. Its all freud and sex here. i’l leave it alone, unfinished


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