what is sex?

What is sex?

I break the beat to keep the rhythm

What is sex?

Trust and a bundle of joy


For whom hustlers don’t go on holiday, billionaire am not. Talk is cheap but my word is currency. All day is pay day, every day, any day


What is sex?

Exercise, conquest,

Blood, mucous, saliva

Art, science, congress?


What is sex?

To wreck families, to lose friendships, to haggle over, to build or ruin a career, to compose music, to shoot videos to sell beverages


What is sex to be a crime?

What is sex to be a standard?

To be taboo

To be a job

To be a joke


The grind hard. my sole bad.


Signing away of my soul

To fill a hole


What is sex

To anchor news


What is sex?

A means to an end

A measure of competence


What is sex to be a language? Of art

What is sex? A symbol, a metaphor

What is sex, to be more than what it is?

Physical to be Metaphysical philosophy

Emotional derangement for intellectual engagement




What is sex to feed the poor’s

hunger to pore over loneliness?

What is sex if we never die virgins?


Who’s to judge

When is enough ever enough.



what is sex to be entertainment or performance oriented, subject of legislation.  a revered religious ritual… curriculum of education




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