I woke up standing in the middle of an expansive room.  Naked like its walls. Alone, feeling like a sculpture on display. I am pondering public nudity as art or insanity.

I give: receive; I grieve…

We are ushered, pushed rather, into the world covered in blood and a white substance called vernix.  The ‘naked truth’ is a phrase oft used. Here nudity takes the dimension of honesty or plainness.

I could be standing in an art gallery and I don’t make an attempt to move. I can feel eyes all over my body and try to block images of my genitals from my mind’s eye as well as the inevitable intellectual discussions and divergent conclusions. I’m not here! Immobile, I pray there is a sign on the block of stone I stand on, ‘DO NOT TOUCH’.

The female form is glorious. Going by the bible story of the beginning, a woman is a complete creation in herself. She was formed from the rib of a man after the man was put into deep sleep. Here, the approach to nudity is appreciation and worship which connects us to beauty and religion or spirituality.  Morality is alluded to by this aspect of politics – religion. The issue of empowerment and objectification of women arises. The pro-life versus pro-choice noise does rise too. The basis of this, most assuredly, must be sex. Hence nudity acts as a gateway to procreation, pleasure or business.

Mind body and soul; A person’s health is manifest on the body.  The relationship with our bodies expresses itself . Scientists over stretched laboratory hours have tried to prise the secrets it holds. it has been years the progress tedious, but highly commendable.

The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. We are created in the image of god.  Moulded and fashioned from dust. Animated by a breath of eternity.

Ad continuum


‘A poem is a naked person.’



Patrick ‘panyee’ mukabi

jack vettriano's - the great poet
jack vettriano’s – the great poet

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