snake in the grass

Based on a true story.


I am putting this down out of boredom not out of spite. However, sinful thoughts have crossed my mind quite a few times. This could be attributed to too many movies and a romanticized image of mobsters. ‘Every time I try to get out, they pull me back in!’ let me handle my business

Introducing mr. R; a kind man. He is the tallest in the firm and runs ‘the field’ projects. The prince – a leader should be both a lion and a fox. I’ll give him that, he’s sly by the way he speaks softly and smiles a lot which hides a vicious streak most people don’t know or tend to conveniently forget. His physique is of a vulture his character is too. About machiavellism – the people I work with are the hybrid of hyenas and pigs.

In my first days in the office an old hand told me something that stands out today. He said that there are men who consider what goes into your stomach as poison and what they eat as food. The hybrids aforementioned even want, take and feed on what is already in your mouth! Which reminds me, in addition he said,” kujua (sana) itakuua!” Very poetic in Kiswahili translating to knowing much will kill you! True, it’s a killing me this character of ‘friends’ and colleagues coming to light in the aftermath of the end year field project. There are whispers around of the literal meaning holding true in certain circles.

‘What happens in the field remains in the field!’ mr. R announces sweetly to the gathering. There are jocular allusions to sex all through the ground breaking exercise. It is shocking especially proceeding from a man just recently scandalized by favouritism of that particular kind. There is trouble in paradise when remuneration is mentioned. A casual quip of putting aside of a day’s pay for Caesar, that is a processing fee for people at HQ. Most notably a mr.. ah, it is only later I learnt that mr. R is also an emperor receiving and/or demanding his ‘Caesar’s fee’ in exchange for a place on the project list. ‘he who feeds the child should be allowed to lick their fingers’

I like ham but I wouldn’t want to tussle with a pig. It enjoys the mud, you see. Hyenas are another matter, just plain unsightly. They have a policy against waste and everything goes even the hooves! You should hear them laugh. On my way from the field, they had plans for my meal and it was unbelievable at first. In the famous words of gidi gidi maji maji ,”can’t a young luo man make money anymore? (en ang’o? = what’s happening?). I had to google a way out or seek to understand my environment. The hyena is most afraid of a male lion. I don’t know if I am ‘unbwogable’





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