a game ; money or the box

There comes a time in a man’s life that events transpire to present him with a choice, a decision that will inexplicably determine their course from that day on. Call it fate or destiny. It would be wise to recognize such instances but it is ever so subtle. We are given a choice of how we would want to lead our walking days.

The world is a stage and everyone is an actor. We start off with a given role; a station, a position and an environment. The basic instinct is ‘fight’ or ‘flight’ and is based on the ‘Survival for the fittest’ creed. It does not matter that you believe this to be so. Gravity does not care what you think of its existence. Once you are born, the light is on.  Action

It is instructive how you are ushered into the stage; covered in blood you are pushed from a hole and/or pulled and then slapped!  A violent introduction to which you cry with your fists held up as the welcoming committee laugh (not all are happy though, it’s complicated). Your conception you will discover was preceded by something similar in physical exertitude (?). Again, there are other ways to the same result or conclusion.

Note: you work so hard to get a baby ‘willfully’ or otherwise. If you can’t handle the heat stay out the kitchen. zip

When the curtain falls i.e. yours, there will most probably be a box and a different kind of hole to be pushed and pulled into. The cycle is a marvel. ‘kuzaliwa ni bahati, kufa ni lazima’ = to be born is luck, to die is (a) must. You understand?…

‘Money or the box’ was a game show on the nation’s premier television station channel one, formerly KBC for Kenya Broadcasting Corporation. Selected participants to the show would first be taken through general knowledge question session and other games before finally being given a chance to try out the ‘money or the box’ main event. One host would offer to buy the box. The mystery of the box was such that it held objects as mundane as a toothpick all the way to the grand prize of a key to a brand new vehicle also present in the studio.  The other host would dissuade you from giving in as the sit-in audience shouted instructions for your execution.

The show was actually called ‘the Omo pick-a-box show’ I remember. The contestant before going through the torture I described above picked out a box from a choice of ten which is an important point of note.


In the end, I think the most important question that lingered in the minds of everyone is,” was it worth it?” As you cursed your luck for turning down a substantial amount of money for a stick of toothpick you are alone. Your dilemma was free entertainment.

For me there are lessons I take away to the allure of the ‘game’ that is life.  You are alone, ignore the crowd. The spectators are playing their part. Take responsibility for your life. be prepared for the result of all decisions you make. Work with what you have and make the best of your lot. Life is short and on that note the ‘box’ to me represents death in a different dimension. If money or the box were to be given another set of clothing it would be ‘do or die’.  That’s all for now.


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