I see the look on my brother’s face. He can’t understand my outbursts of idealism. I project my experiences on unrelated situations. I hear my family’s thoughts voiced in questions mostly. I am like a stranger a visitor in our home. Bewildering in my stubbornness a misfit they love, this I know. How? Love is long suffering the complex creature I am. “living in my own world”. I must cut quite a figure

Severally I’ve tried to make it more bearable rolling a boulder up a hill just to get them comfortable. It is tedious and I end up crushed every time but I leave them in worse shape. I retreat further into a cave inside myself. I am a simple man and I try I really do. When the damage is done I run in remorse. I’ve been hard on those I care about

There is a light at the end of my fingers I am reaching for in the sky. Greatness. I don’t mind being misunderstood the tool I use is being aloof. This is fast losing its effectiveness I am good at building walls though. The Great Wall of China was built to keep invaders out. Build empires – why not?

Meanwhile :

“when are you getting married”

“where do you take your money”

“what are you doing with your life”


” who…”


There are times when you will walk alone; you could either be lost or making a way. It is lonely at the top but I will be in the company of stars.




to be continued


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